Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bench Makeover

Last spring I was second hand shopping and I found this little bench for $20. 
It was in really good shape.  The upholstery was a little worn, but not bad.  
I  didn't buy it when I saw it and  I was kicking myself all night.   
I called the next morning and they were kind enough to hold it for me until I could pick it up. 
 I found some fabric on clearance (yay again!) that was the same blue as my favorite little end table.  
I bought large upholstery needles and a button cover kit. 
I also bought silver uphostery tacks. 
I used 30 tacks around the bottom of the bench.
I used dental floss to sew on the buttons.
I pulled the "thread" very tight because I wanted the bench to be very tufted.
It has a hinged lid and some space for storage.  Gotta love that!
The corners were tricky. 
Instead of pleating the fabric in the corners I gathered it. 
I've never been real happy with the way the corners look. 
Some day, when I have nothing else to do, I will re-do the corners. 
Hah!  That will never happen.
I bought this little tray from Hobby Lobby.  It works perfectly as a
large coaster for our drinks.
We've had this little bench now for a year and I love it! 
If you have never re-uphostered anything before, a project like this
would be a great one to start with.
 Be brave and go for it!
You'll be happy you did.

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