Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Phantom Decorator

I thought I was doing so great. 
My Christmas decorations were taken down well before Super Bowl Sunday. 
But, I was so anxious to continue reading some of the books I had put aside for the holidays, that I didn't quite finish the undecorating/redecorating job.

This was the sad state of my dining room during the last two weeks of January.
I didn't think my lack of decorating was bothering anybody. 
Apparently I was wrong.
I came home one afternoon and Ryan had taken the decorating into his own hands.
He made a nice arrangement of his high school pictures on the mantel-
Front and Center!
Actually, kind of cute.

 He put some valentine decorations on the mantel too. 
 I didn't notice Yoda mixed in with the decorations for about an hour.

He tried to gussy up my revamped crown.

 He even decorated in the hall.
Well, this gave me the little jump start I needed to finish my Valentine decorating.
I'll post about that soon.

P.S. I did finish reading  R is for Ricochet and The Little Giant of Aberdeen
        County this week.   I just went to the second-hand bookstore and bought
        S is for Silence.  Oops.  I wasn't going to buy that book until I was
        finished decorating. 

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  1. I love the creativity in your family. Great job, Ryan.