Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Seaside to Heceta Head Lighthouse-Day 4

Since we have been to Seaside before,  we just spent a few hours going through the shops in town.
We also enjoyed walking along the boardwalk
that was outside our hotel room. 
I love Seaside. 
Some vacation guides we read complained it was too "touristy".
That's okay by me. 
I love buying salt water taffy in hundreds of flavors!

We backtracked just a bit and visited the town of Astoria.
They have some cute downtown shops and restaurants.

Our next stop was in Cannon Beach.
It is a beautiful town!
I wish I could have spent all day here-or several days.

But...we had a lot more to see today.

We are always in the mood for delicious ice cream.
So, we couldn't pass by the Tillamook Cheese Factory.
You would not believe how many people were at this place.
The parking lot looked like we were going into an amusement park.
The cheese samples were delicious and
I would give some big bucks for some of that icecream right now.

We were headed to Yachats to spend the night at
Heceta Head Lighthouse.
I bet you can never guess what we found when we got there.
Yup, our room key was in an envelope taped to the door!
We actually called ahead and told them we would be late.
{We were learning, and it only took us two close calls.}
Rob has wanted to stay here for years.
We stayed in the light keepers room.

On our dresser was a flashlight with a note.
The note suggested walking to the lighthouse after dark.
It was very adventurous.
 Personally, I would have been more comfortable
with something a little more high powered. 
There were times I was concerned we might walk off the trail
and go tumbling into the ocean below!
(I imagine that hardly ever happens)
The room was tiny but cozy.
You could lay on the bed and look right out to the lighthouse.
Our bathroom was private, but it was down the hall.

It had the cutest little claw foot tub.
And you could see the lighthouse from that little window.

I think Rob and I both hit our heads on that low ceiling. 
{Maybe more than once.  But you didn't hear that from me.}

The Keepers House is a bed and breakfast.
The breakfast is a seven course meal.
It is delicious!
All of the guests eat together at a large table in the dining room.
I think there were 12 of us.
The breakfast takes at least an hour,
so the guests can really get to know eachother.
We ate with such a nice mix of people from all across the country.

To see more pictures of this beautiful place, go here.

The sea lion caves were just down 101 a bit,
but we chose not to pay money to look at sea lions,
so we continued on to Florence. 
We had been to Florence the evening before for dinner. 
 The stores had been closed but there were
a few restaurants and bars open. 
We had spotted a silver tea set in one of the store windows.
So, I was really excited to go shopping in this cute little town.

Rob bought the tea set for me for our anniversary.

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