Monday, February 27, 2012

On our way to Carmel-Day 6

I have been pretty busy with school projects lately,
so I haven't had any time to blog.
I really want to share the last few days of our trip with you.
So, here goes.
 The beaches in this area are so interesting
 with rocks sticking out of the water everywhere. 
 It was a drizzly day and the paths down to the beach
were very slick
and in my opinion way too treacherous!
As you can see from the footprints in the sand...
Not many people wanted to brave the path down to the beach.
I wish I had a picture of Rob trying to climb back up the slick path.
He was sliding all over the place.
I was so glad I was a wimp and stayed on the road.
But I was safe,so I could just stand there and laugh at Rob.

Yay!  We're almost in San Francisco!

This was one of the most beautiful days
I have ever spent in San Francisco.
Sunshine and flying kites.
Isn't that peaceful?

I can't go to San Francisco without having
clam chowder in a bread bowl.
We also ate a grilled cheese sandwich from Boudin.
It was the best grilled cheese ever!
We enjoyed San Francisco for a few hours
 and then we were back on the road.

We weren't planning on stopping at the boardwalk in Santa Cruz,
but we were so glad we did.

 We had a wonderfully full day. 
We arrived at our hotel in Carmel pretty late. 
Thankfully we had most of the next day
set aside for enjoying Carmel.

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