Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine Decorating

Things I love about spring decorating: Birds, flowers, and nests. 
 In February, I love to sprinkle in cherubs, hearts, and lots of red candles.
My mantel was a bit of a challenge this year. 
Doesn't it seem like I should remember how I decorated it last year?
I think decorating for Valentine's Day is a little tricky.
It's really easy to make everything look too cutesy and a little cheap. 
I can decorate with heart window clings in my classroom, so at home I
want to have a more classy look.
I bought this "fleurs" box last spring at Marshalls.  The paint was a light green.
I planted succulents in it and had it outside for the summer. 
The paint turned a perfect blue.

  Another great space to decorate is above our built in bookcase. 
 It sits below a 5 ft. window so it is a  perfect spot for plants.  
 I used a couple of books with red covers as lifts and to add a splash of red. 
I like to use books in my decorating. 
I bought this mossy looking cherub last year at Marshalls. 
I got the picture at Target.  I think it is really "fun".

I have one week until Valentine's Day and then the Easter decorating begins!

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