Monday, February 20, 2012

Forks to Seaside-Day 3

Did you know that the Twilight movies weren't filmed in Forks?
I'm not sure what you would see on this tour.
Maybe places mentioned in the book?

After leaving Forks, we only had an hour drive to the Hoh National Rain Forest.
I have lived in the pacific northwest for most of my life, and I had never seen the rain forest in Washington.

It is amazing!

This little creek was crystal clear.
It was such a beautiful day.
No rain! 
There are so many different shades of green...
and everything is Mossy!

After we left the Ho Rain Forest, we continued down the coast. 
We stopped at several beaches along the way.

The beach names in Washington are so original and creative. 
I think the name of this beach was...Beach 1.
Don't you love that name?
 We hit this beach right at low tide.
Rob had a ball touching the star fish!
We couldn't pry them off the rocks. 
A little girl, who was there with her family,
got one off and it attached itself to her hand!
They had a really difficult time getting it to off of her. 

That would have freaked me out!

The starfish were so colorful.
The sea anemone were sticky and really fun to touch.

Washington was beautiful, and so lush and green.

I wish I had taken more pictures of the places
we visited throughout the day.
We were able to "run" through several little beach towns. 
I wanted to go to Oceanshores, but we ran out of time.

We were staying in Seaside, Oregon for the night.
Since we had so much to see and do that day, we arrived at our hotel late.
And, can you believe, the hotel office was closed up tight?
Sheesh!  You'd think we would learn.

They did leave a key for us, so we didn't have to sleep on the beach.

This was the ocean view from our room.
I don't know if there is anything more peaceful than falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean.

Not a bad way to end day three of our trip.

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