Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Brittle Branches and Burned Out lights

Our search for the perfect Christmas tree begins early in December.  We start searching all the local tree lots for an eleven foot noble fir.  It's pretty tricky because it needs to be tall but not too big around.  This year's tree was perfect.  It only took us two days to get it to stand up straight.  That's another story, for another time.  Let's just say that it was almost chopped into pieces and put out with the trash.  But persistance paid off, and here it is, still standing, a month later.  It still looks great, but it feels pretty brittleSince I'm a little concerned about 1000 little lights on a tree full of dry needles, it must come down

While I was taking pictures of the tree, I thought I would take some pictures of some of my other Christmas decorations.

Jeeves, dressed in his Santa hat, always has a little somethin' to welcome visitors.

Jeeves is in our entry with the Santa Tree.

I bought Rob this Santa ornament the first year we were married.  Each year I buy one or two new Santa ornaments.  After 25 years of marriage, our Santa tree is getting pretty full!

You may be thinking, "Wow, they only have two trees?".  Well, I am glad to tell you that we don't have just two trees-some years we have four!  This year I ran out of steam and we didn't get our Disney Tree put up.  The third tree is my little Office Tree.  We actually put it in a closet with the ornaments and lights left on.  Oh, if they were all that easy!

I have a Christmas village and a few other decorations to make my office look a little more festive.  Of course, most of the time you have to find the decorations under piles of fabric, scrapping stuff, and wrapping paper.

Our dining room decorations.

Last year I got this great sleigh.  I love it!

Chef Piggy loves to leave seasonal messages.

This year was the first year I ever bought a poinsettia.  I will always buy them from now on.  They are inexpensive, easy to care for, and so festive.

A little nordic themed hall shelf.

My fireplace is the reason I have a difficult time crafting in the winter.  I hate to leave its warm coziness.

I used to spend hours cross stitching.  These stockings are my favorite cross stitched project.

My built-in corner unit can hold a lot of Christmas decorations. 

I made this nativity years ago.  I believe it was a kit by Daisy Kingdom.  The rocking horse was a Christmas decoration we bought at an after Christmas sale for 75% off!  We keep it up year round.

A few more Christmas Goodies from around the house.
 These dollies are decorating a little tree in the entry.  Note: This tree is too small to count as our fifth tree.

 This wire basket is perfect for holding seasonal displays on the coffee table.

 I call our guest bathroom The Sun Valley Bathroom.  It has a ski theme all year, so it doesn't need a lot of extra decorating to give it a Christmas feel.

This is part of a Bunnies By The Bay snow scene I have in front of a very large window.  I think I'll wait until next year to share the rest of it.

I hope you enjoyed this Christmas tour.  I had a great time sharing my decorated home with you.


  1. Christmas just wouldn't be the same if I didn't have a home decorated like this to come home to. It makes everything so much better. Never take it down!

  2. I know. It's so blah when all the lights are gone. Also, I'm not looking forward to all the taking down and packing up!

  3. Oh how I wish that I would come visit you every year. Why don't I? Your home is so special.

  4. I love your house, and especially the beautiful way you have it decorated! You're so creative! I wish I could be there enjoying it with you!

  5. Cindy and Unknown(Mom), I have a great idea. Next year, you can both come over and help me decorate. When we are finished, we can sit back with some coffee and enjoy all the wonderful decorations. I love this idea!

  6. Yes, that does sound like a good idea--maybe we could work that out. ;) Love you!!!