Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kids, gotta love em'

Well, Ryan was feeling a little left out yesterday since he wasn't mentioned in any of the things that made me smile.  
So here's a story, featuring Ryan, that made us all smile.
This past fall, through a series of mishaps, Ryan ruined my favorite apron.  Now here's the thing.  Instead of telling me, and letting me see if it could be fixed, he just threw it away.  Well, I really shouldn't have been surprised.  When he was nine or ten, I was searching for days for his flat sheet.  Come to find out, he had thrown it away because he doesn't like flat sheets!  Anyway,  for Christmas, he ordered me a gift off the internet, wrapped it up in the package it came in, and put it under the tree.  Christmas morning, when I opened his gift, I was very surprised.  Actually, we were all (even Ryan) quite surprised.   He had bought me a child's size apron!

Every time I look at this apron it makes me smile.  And all you moms out there will understand that I will cherish it forever.

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  1. Actually it looks very cute. Love the picture.