Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Crown Revamped

I found this crown on sale at a cute little gift store in Boise last year. 
I thought I would put a candle in it.  Maybe a bird?  Hey, I like a good trend, and I have collected quite a few birds and items with birds on them over the past few seasons.  I didn't like the look of either, so I decided to make an arrangement with a nest on top. 
I bought this little nest with eggs at Ross.  I bought some moss and a little ivy.  I cut off a few of the ivy tips so the leaves were very small.  The fern was really hard for me to find.  I ended up buying
a fern in a little pot.  It was stuck in the pot with a bunch of foam and hot glue, so I made a huge styrofoam mess pulling it out of the pot.  I flattened it out and worked in a few strands of ivy.  I poked some little bunches of moss in here and there.
I filled the bottom of the crown with moss.
I added the greenery and nest.
Voila!  The finished crown.

 It's beginning to look like spring in here, even though it is snowing outside.



  1. Love it! you are so crafty. It is difficult for me to take separate items and see them as one completed item. You have an artists eye.

  2. You are SO clever! And, as Cindy says, so crafty! I love it!