Monday, January 16, 2012

Photos with my Meg

I felt like a real live photographer today.  I had a photo session with Meg from Drawer full of pretty wishes.  Wow!  That made me sound so official.  Ok, so I took pictures of my daughter Megan today for her blog.  I think the pictures turned out great.  Of course it was easy because Meg is a natural at posing for the camera. 
We drove out on a country road about 2 miles from our house.  We were concerned about how blah the area might look since it is January and there is no snow to liven things up.  I think the yellows and tans in the landscape really made her outfit pop for the pictures though, so it was a good thing.  Or as Martha would say, "It's a very good thing".
Here are some of my favorites:



My favorite

To view more pictures from our "photo shoot"  be sure to visit Megan's blog. 


  1. Very good photos! Of a very beautiful young lady! Although, I don't know how she can walk in those shoes! Or, is she just posing in them? (I know, they were a special Christmas gift from somebody special--that makes them very, very special!) They really are quite cute!

    I Love her!

  2. Lol no silly grandma, those were DIFFERENT shoes. I bought another pair so that I can fall in public again. Cause that wasn't embarrassing enough...